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Do you have a Soft Spot for WideSpot? For a rural village of 66 people, we think our yearly programming is diverse, evocative, compelling, and FUN! Please help us keep the performing arts alive at WideSpot. Your donations account for half, yes, HALF of WideSpot’s yearly operating budget. Without you, there’s no usYour donation is, of course, tax-deductible, and we’ll send you a beautiful receipt that says so. Please donate today. Because it really does take a village.

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Goin’ Coastal
Live-Audience Radio Variety Show
Sunday, January 11 @ 7pm


The Goin’ Coastal Players invite you to unzip your snowsuit, loosen your boots, show off your hat hair, and jumpstart 2015 with another pitch-perfect episode of Goin’ Coastal! Stockholm’s wildly popular, live-audience radio variety show… more

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These Gift Certificates are spot-on for holiday giving!

5-10SPOTImages…and they never expire!

We’ve got a Soft Spot for you, so this holiday season we’re here to help you give your lucky loved ones the gift of FUN, close to home — in Stockholm!

Gift them with a beautifully packaged WideSpot FIVE SPOT (5 shows of their choice for the price of 4) or WideSpot TEN SPOT (10 shows of their choice for the price of 8). Your special someone(s) will experience the finest entertainment available outside of Broadway! (Ok, maybe Off Broadway.) And best of all, they’ll think of YOU at every show for months to come.

Share the joy! (Or, what the heck, buy a pack for yourself!)

5 shows regularly priced at $15 = $75
Buy a Five-Spot Holiday Gift Pkg = $60!

10 shows regularly priced at $15 = $150
Buy a Ten-Spot Holiday Gift Pkg = $120!

Call us at 715-307-8941 or email us at WideSpotArts@gmail.com to order yours.




Welcome to WideSpot

WideSpotBldg_144x144WideSpot celebrates it’s FIFTH SEASON with more great music, its own live (and popular!) radio variety show, and community theater productions and events! Located in a historic opera hall in the Village of Stockholm, the intimate space brings audience and the arts together in exciting ways. Check out the links at right to see what the rest of our Season Five holds, and be part of the excitement!