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WORD: with Yata and Chris Vallillo

Saturday, April 25 @ 7pm

It didn’t take long for acclaimed singer/songwriters and folk musicians, Yata (Peinovich) and Chris Vallillo, to realize that they share an unusual passion: a mutual love of music and verse that led each artist to weave original melodies around the works of their most beloved literary and historical authors. Dickinson. Whitman. Yeats. Burns. Sandburg. ee cummings.

Wrapping fingerstyle and flat-picked guitar, harmonica, and bottleneck slide guitar around poems and stories, Yata and Vallillo offer richly textured solo performances of all-new pieces — then share the stage for a finale brimming with musical and lyrical grace.  More…


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Season 5 Events


WORD: with Yata and Chris Valillo:
Saturday, April 25 at 7pm


Patchouli: A May Day Celebration & Concert:
Saturday, May 2 at 7pm

Café Accordion:
Saturday, May 9 at 7pm

Lake Pepin Idol Talent Show:
Saturday, May 30 at 7pm


Goin’ Coastal Radio Variety Show
Season Finale:
Sunday, June 7 at 7pm

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